it's hump day lyrics-my fav is chrisette michele

shaishai Posts: 24Registered Users
Ok ladies let's have fun. The way this game works is write a line or two from the song that's getting you by. Right now I'm loving fellow natural chrisette michele
I'm A Star...
I've seen it done it ran it run it,
been to the bottom and I came back from it,
that'll be a pain in the pit of my stomach,
Don't regret a thing just to keep it one hundred!

Or four lines. Lol
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  • CocoTCocoT Posts: 5,330Registered Users
    Dang only 4 lines?

    All Falls Down by Kanye West
    I wanna act ballerific like it's all terrific
    I got a couple past due bills I won't get specific
    I got a problem with spending before I get it
    We all self conscious I'm just the first to admit it

    I love saying this part :laughing9:
    Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds
    -Albert Einstein
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