Hair issues desperately need feedback

When I first went natural my hair was incredibly damaged. I would use the blue la Bella gel or leave in some mane and tail and somehow my hair would come out beautifully! Defined 3c/4a curls! Now that I actually take care of my hair my wash and go's are hardly wearable! And oddly enough my hair is all 4a now..which I don't mind I just don't understand the hair is waist length and when I gel it its really stringy with no volume at all!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....I can post pictures if needed..

Thanks in advance =]


  • IrinaIrina Registered Users Posts: 100
    When we first transition our hair desperately needs protein. I'm guessing those two products you mentioned have a ton of protein in them. Obviously, since you have been taking care of your hair better and have built up the protein, your hair doesn't need that much protein anymore and you should switch to more moisturizing products.

    Or, moisturize less if you have been using moisturizing products. The key to gorgeous hair is balance! :-)
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    ITA with Irina about protein. It sounds like your hair is in need of moisture. What products are you using? What is your technique like? Are you using a leave-in under the gel?
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