major frizz after protein treatment/DT


I did a protein treatment followed by a deep conditioning (Shea Moisture). My hair is very soft, but it's just all frizz with NO curl definition. Is this normal following a protein treatment?

thanks !


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    I always do an ACV rinse in between the protein and conditioner. I get no frizz when I do that. ;)
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    RacerWife7 wrote: »
    I always do an ACV rinse in between the protein and conditioner. I get no frizz when I do that. ;)


    I was going to ask you about this in a different thread. Does this mean when you're done with the PT, you just rinse it out & then do the ACV rinse (or rinse it out with the ACV), then condition? In other words, no shampoo or cowash in b/w the PT & the ACV?

    I ask b/c my PT (Nexxus Emergencee) says to rinse, then shampoo, then condition. I've been cowashing rather than shampooing. I want to try a baking soda cleanse, then a PT--but I'm not clear on whether to do anything in b/w the PT & the ACV.

    I know you use the CJ Repair Me as a PT (which I plan to try next), so maybe that has different directions...but I wanted to ask. Thanks! I know you've been answering a lot of questions on this lately.
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    Thanks, Janet! I'll the ACV rinse in between first. At what point in these treatments do you shampoo your hair?

    BTW, your hair is absolutely gorgeous!! Your pictures make me very tempted to order Curl Junkie products when I have the money....


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