Help me please! My hair is a mess!

Hey, everyone! Here a youngster I always had wavy-ish hair, but as my mom passed away when I was young, my dad could barely manage running a comb (yes, one of those unbreakable ones lol!) through my hair during the mornings, let alone give me styling help. Then my hair went straight...then I hit high school and BAM, I had wavy hair again. However, I have no idea how to style it. You'd think after seven years I'd figure it out, but no! After lurking the forums, I think I've found the salon I want to go to for a proper cut (never had a curly cut!) but I need to save up first.

Anyway, do any of you fine folks have any suggestions for me as far as styling goes? The last picture is the length it's at now. Oh, and my BIGGEST problem that I need to take into bottom layer is STRAIGHT. I don't know why, but since my wave "reappeared" it only came back on the top and not the bottom. You can see this best in the first picture. I *think* the majority of my hair is 2c, on a good day 3a, but I'm not entirely sure. Thank you so much!


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    Do come check out and introduce yourself on the wavy (2s) board. You'll find such understanding, helpful people who know how to make the most of waves.
    If you're not familiar with it already, get to know this thread: All the magic is here -- or at least most of it.

    As for cutting - it's all a matter of geography, income, and luck. Most of us wavies really like to get as much moisture out of the hair as possible right away with t-shirts or special towels so that the water doesn't pull out the waves.

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    I second that, the 2s board rocks!
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    Awesome, thanks so much for the help guys!
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    Your hair looks ok in the last picture, definately doesn't look like "a mess". :) But if you want to improve the texture and the style, I would suggest putting LESS styling products into it. It looks a bit limp and I'm guessing you either put a lot of mousse in or a lot of gel. If you're not putting in a lot of hair products, your hair could just be too moisturized.

    I wish you luck in figuring out the perfect styling solution to solve your hair "problem". It looks very healthy and pretty to me! Good luck! Also, I would suggest going to the "2's" forum to find more answers. :-)

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    Thanks, Irina! I'm learning a lot just by surfing the boards already. I think you're right, too much product! I'm also going to try out CG...I think my hair has a lot of potential. Thanks again!
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    I definitely don't have your wave or style but I must looks pretty darn nice to me! :toothy6: Honestly, I think it's very pretty. Hope you get the answers you're looking for though!
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    I would suggest getting your product and hair care routine established, if you haven't already. Research the threads on here about porosity and texture so you'll know which ingredients will be best for your hair. Give yourself some time to figure out what works for you and let your hair show its curl potential.

    These are some threads showing how heads were transformed after a change in hair care regimens. Some people see changes in weeks, others take longer.

    Then when you've got a true feel for what your hair can do, then I'd go to a stylist. That's just my opinion and it's dependent on you not being in dire need of a haircut.
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    drawingwithwords- Thanks so much, that means a lot to me! I have just about had it with my hair, so thanks for uplifting my spirits haha!

    curlsanew- Thanks for the link, I had no idea there was a before/after for wavies thread, woohoo!! Good advice...I'm going to go buy my products tonight, I'm so excited.

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