About to give up...

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UGGGG I'm so frustrated with my curls I rarely use heat ( even though I would like to use it more often) I've stopped washing my hair every day I've done everything right for styling I've tried scrunching twirling diffusing even just doing nothing! I've used so many different product combos! Ahhhh please give me any last tips to help with my curls I'm seriously wanting just to give up on them!


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    Have you tried going CG? Meaning using silicone free and sulfate free products.

    Also do you know your hair type and it's porosity? Knowing the characteristics of your hair can help know what products you need to use . . or allow someone to recommend something for your hair.

    Also . . once you find out your hair type, try posting in that forum, instead of over here. The veterans on the board may be able to help you a bit better seeing as that they have experience.
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