So confused! Help?

Let me start by saying I was soo thankful to have found Growing up in a family where everyone has straight hair I felt like the ugly ducking yes? My family has made it clear they don't like my curls but I love them 100%. I've had many relaxers done and they have all had one thing in common. My hair falls out in the end :laughing2:

I would like more help maintaining my hair but i do not want the curl to be gone from it! I chopped most of my hair off back in october due to a bad relaxer. I've been looking at the brocato and chi eviro american smoothing treatment as well as the Keratin Complex Hair Therapy by Coppola. I'd like to know which one is the better one to go with. I can't seem to find much information on the chi one and I have no idea what is in the coppola one. I'd like something safe.

My biggest fear is my hair falling out or being ruined. So if anyone has ANY advice at all please please feel free to let me know :help:


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    Honestly, you just have to do your research. If you can't find reviews about those other "smoothing systems," don't use them. Many of us have gone and gotten an unheard of BKT and have lived to regret it! As for the coppolla, and any other BKT you might conisder you should know this: Your outcome will be determined by your hair texture, how much product is used on the hair, and how it is applied.

    I personally didn't like coppolla. It was too weak for my natural 4a washed out in a matter of days. no lie. Same with rejuvenol. QOD didn't last very long either. So far, Marcia Tiextera chocolate has had the most staying power for me, but that's me. I have resistant 4a hair. No color.

    When it comes to this treatment, THE ONLY way to ensure you will like your results is by doing it yourself. If you do it yourself you can start by doing a small section of your hair.Once you see the results, go ahead and do your whole head.

    I've done these at home a least a dozen times now. I just did the organix bkt sold at CVS on my sister's hair and she loved it. For 15 bucks you can't beat it!

    Amazon and Youtube need to become your best buddies in this stage of research. I use amazon for reviews, and youtube for "how tos."
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