CG for THICK type 2 hair?

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Hi everyone!

I need help with my crazy wavy hair. I would really like to start some CG methods on it but I'm still skeptical. My hair is wavy on the bottom layers with a little spiral at then ends, and straight on the top layers with a flip. Wierd...

so far I've tried plopping, scrunching, and CO washing. The first two made my hair frizzy, huge, and look dry, and CO washing as well as CWC makes it feel dirty. And it is really hard to make my hair greasy.

So my question is do I stick with these methods for a while longer? Will it take a while to see results? Oh and how can I get my top layers to curl nicely like the rest of my hair?

Your help is greatly appreciated! :D
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    What kinds of products are you using on your hair? And what conditioner did you use to co-wash? You have to make sure to check the labels on everything you use on your hair to see if there are any cones in them, because those could be causing build up/making your hair feel dirty after a co-wash. Also, you can use conditioners like Vo5 to do a co-wash because they're lighter conditioners and easier to wash out. I'd check out the introduction to the no-poo method topic though, because it's really helpful for beginners... I know it helped me a lot!

    Oh, and try not to take any unnecessary heat to your hair. Use a diffuser if you need to blow dry your hair! :] Good luck!
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    I tottLy understand my hair does some of the same things... I would stick with the Cg methods for another couple of weeks and to get if layers to curl ... While ur hair is wet and u just pit product in it grab 1/2 inch sections and twist them around ur finger then let them dry naturally!
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    Hi, so I've also got thick 2c hair, here are some things that I would suggest:

    Look for stylist reviews to find one who is good at cutting curly/wavy hair in your area. Ask to get rid of all split ends and for layers. Do NOT, no matter how tempting it is, get it thinned out. I did once and my hair looked HORRIBLE!

    For me, co-washing didn't help too much. I had better luck with using a shampoo without harsh sulfates. The biggest thing is to make sure your hair is healthy, so do not skimp on the conditioner. Let it sit in the shower. Natural or organic products are best. Happy to give product recs if that helps!

    Please try not using heat at all (I don't know if you do heat, I can't remember exactly what your post said now!), because again, your hair will be healthier. The other thing to do is just experiment. I have realized over the past few months that I actually do better with a traditional terry towel than a t-shirt. Learn not to over style your hair. Try applying products right out of the shower, and after your hair is partially dry. I do a combination of both of these. I've also found that mixing up what products, shampoo and conditioner I use is really helpful so that my curls do not "get used" to any one product. I rotate between a few.

    Clarifying and/or deep conditioning on the weekends helps. I am particularly fond of ACV rinses followed by deep conditioning.

    I hope this helps!

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