What? No Curlmart contact phone number..

CurlyHead74CurlyHead74 Registered Users Posts: 113
I placed an order last week and within seconds after placing, I realized product quantities were added my mistake. I searched for a phone number, no luck. So I emailed them instead (within probably 2 minutes). I didn't receive a response to my email, instead 2 days later I received a shipment notice - with no correction to my order:cussing:

So, did I overlook the phone number or does CurlMart not have one for customers?



  • Shelly FontanaShelly Fontana Registered Users Posts: 253

    Thank you for your order. We no longer make changes to orders when they are complete. Please email me directly and I will assist you with your return.

    Thank you,

    [email protected]
    Shelly Fontana
  • JanJan77JanJan77 Hartford, CTRegistered Users Posts: 13
    Shelley the one problem I have is that the product I just ordered is non returnable, and I wanted to change the order before it shipped, as I couldn't return it. It was not yet marked as complete. I did also send an email earlier but didn't get a response yet

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