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I just want to know.. how often I can blowdry my hair straight without it withering up and dying?

Better yet, what are the cons? Should I be worried about dryness, or is heat damage possible?

Help me out ladies. Gracias!
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    Heat damage is always possible...some say it always occurs on some level. I think conditioning and moisturizing (non-water based) can combat dryness issues.

    3 questions come to mind:
    1. Are you trying to attain more length, or are you happy maintaining your current length?
    2. How often would you tolerate trimming your ends, IF you should notice more splits? every 3 months? 2 months? every month?
    3. Would you mind cutting your hair shorter, IF you had to?

    I think how often and how much you are willing to trim/cut will determine how often you and your hair can tolerate the blowdrying. Some people blowdry often but want to hang on to every inch of hair...not gonna work.
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