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Hi - if you were receiving a gift basket to help you feel better/pampered during the menopause - what would you like to see? Or what things do you think would particularly help?

So far I have brainstormed:

-Book on the menopause
-Fun chick-li book
-A little handheld fan
-Healthy snacks (not sure what though)
-Chocolate (?)
-Pamper things - like bubble bath/soaps/lotion/candles etc

But I could do with a few more specific suggestions - perhaps some safe herbal treatments/pills that help certain symptoms?

Im going to post this in the non-hair board as well, as really hoping Ill get some hits/suggestions :)


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    You forgot the wine !! ;-)
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    Spider wrote: »
    You forgot the wine !! ;-)

    Ha! She has cases of the stuff in the house at all times lol!
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    Oh, I'd definitely add the chocolate! LOL!

    How about some menopausal support type vitamins?? Something like this: Natrol, Menopause Formula, 60 Capsules -

    Krill Oil, Black Cohosh, DIM - those are things that help with the lovely symptoms, as well.

    And don't forget the Calcium to combat Osteoporosis.

    ...That's all I can think of. You did see my post in the other thread, right? The one with the Minnie Pauz suggestions? I hope some of her suggestions helped a bit. ;)
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  • kat180kat180 Registered Users Posts: 6,280 Curl Novice
    I did thank you :)

    Gosh its coming up quick I better get myself organized! lol

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