Acne, RCW routine, & Makeup.

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Hello lovely people,
So this is my face (: tadaaa! As you can see, i have a few problems, and would really appreciate some advice.

My face, and acne:

As you can see, i have a lot of those tiny hard whitehead type things. But they like never go away, even if i pick at them (which i rarely to never do after earning myself a "pick axe" scar... or whatever you call em). Mostly these are on the sides of my face/cheek area. What you cannot see, are a few scattered blackheads, whichre really embedded/deep that accompany these little whitehead type things.

I also break out.
I usually get clusters of small pink pimples on my forehead (as pictured above(beginning of one), that never go full blown whitehead, but a select 1-3 do. Besides these, i also get plain ole' pink pimples, as pictured above.

I sometimes get, under-the-skin pimples. The ones you can feel before they come and youre like "this is gonna hurt!". These usually occur in my t zone only.

I have very large pores on my nose, and extending a bit into my cheeks, as well as my chin. They appear to be blackheads, but ive found that its just my huge pores.

I also get very deep blackheads around the line of my lips. Theyre very hard to extract, and its quite painful. And even then, they arent completely gone/just get more.

A few other problems: I have horrible eyesight, which wasnt taken care of/noticed til like 6th grade. Since then ive lost or have had accidents where my glasses break. Anyways, this brings me to the point, i have some fine lines under my eyes, from repeatedly squinting at things. I also have thin skin, and get very dark undereye circles (along with discoloration around my eyes) when im congested, TOM, or if i dont sleep well enough.

I have a few scars from pimples that ive picked at, if you can see around my piercing there're 2 very dark red spots, those're actually scars.

As for now, ive been using

Nuetrogena gentle foaming cleanser (because i wear makeup sometimes, and it doesnt leave my face feeling stripped)

Ive been treating spots with their Oil free acne stress control 3in1 acne treatment, 2% Salicylic acid (this dries up my whiteheads/reduces redness pretty well in just a day)

and moisturizing with Juju cosmetics' aquamoist hyluronic acid, whitening and moisture milky lotion (which i actually really like and hope i dont have to give it up)

I know neutrogena is probably doody for my skin, but i just dont really know where to go, and dont want to spend a fortune buying a million things.

Anyways, i was thinking of switching to rcw routine type thing, and or trying carley's smooth and clear kick ass teen forumla treatment thing, in which case i would use the carley's for exfoliation, psf castile cleanser, some bha (dont know what %?) and i dont know about vit c/HA.

Also i dont get all this, retinol, retin a, bha, sa differences. Like, which're doing the same for your skin(what each does) and which ones you can use in conjuction with each other ect.

Lastly makeup. I absolutely love makeup specifically eyeshadow, but i feel like, if the rest of my face isnt clear and smooth, it distracts from the eyeshaadows and such. I dont like the look of makeup slathered on breakouts/bumpy skin. And i do not wear eyemakeup because of this.

Currently (not very frequently) ive been using Missha BB cream for a foundation, and setting with MAC **minerlize skinfinish natural powder thing blabla. The mac powder, i feel, makes my makeup look flakey/cakey. Then again ive only used it with the studio finish foundation thing, its pretty creamy/thick that comes in a compact(dont use this anymore), and bb cream. i just dont think im liking this powder, but need something to set for my oily skin. Also, i do cleanse/moisturize before i put on makeup.

Ive read through a thread of Meow cosmetics, but im a bit afraid of mineral powders after the mac thing.


So guys, hit me with your best shot! Please and thank you.


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    *bump* any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    If you want to try something for your acne, try head and shoulders shampoo. I've heard that its been a miracle worker for many people who have acne.

    As for makeup, ever try Clinique? I've found that they worked well with my face, especially since it is very acne-proned.

    Good luck on your search!
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    Sorry. I can't help with the acne. I'd suggest going to the skin care boards on The people there seem to really know their stuff. Start a thread and list your current routine. They should be able to help you out. I've also read that several people have had success with the routine (gentle cleanser, lots of benzoperoxide, moisturizer to counteract the drying benzoperoxide).
    Also i dont get all this, retinol, retin a, bha, sa differences. Like, which're doing the same for your skin(what each does) and which ones you can use in conjuction with each other ect.
    I'm no expert, but here is how I understand it. Retin A is a prescription product that is clinically proven to work. It is much stronger then retinol. Many people get dry skin and pealing with retin A.
    Retinol is an over the counter product. It doesn't have the studies behind it to prove it works. This doesn't mean it doesn't work (may, may not). It just means it isn't as proven. I actually use a drugstore retinol.
    Both retinol and Retin A will make your skin more susceptible to sun damage. You must use a sunscreen if you use them. Some retinol products will say you can use them in the day, but I will only use them at night. I don't think using them during the day is a good idea. Even if you only use them at night, you still need a sunscreen. Both of these products help with acne and fine lines.
    Beta hydroxy acid and salasilic (sp?) acid are names for the same product (I'm 80% sure that salasilic acid is aspirin). BHA products need to be at the right PH and many drugstore products (and products sold elsewhere) are not at the correct PH. BHA chemically exfoliates the top layer of skin. BHA can also exfoliate inside the pores. This gets rid of dead skin that can clog pores and cause pimples. On Makeupalley, I've seen several people recommend stridex in the red box.

    By the way, everyone's skin is different, but... Neutrogena gentle foaming cleanser makes my normally clear skin break out.
    I had oily skin and breakouts for a good portion of my life. I feel your pain. Sometimes insurance covers treatment. If you are insured, you might want to see if this would be something they cover.
    Good luck.
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    I just recently bought the Carley's Smooth and Clear kicka** teen formula and it has worked awesome! I also have whiteheads that don't ever come to the surface and never seem to go away and Carley's has actually had a couple of them come out and have gone away. Personally, I'm digging it and hope it continues to work. However, when using it you aren't supposed to use anything else along with it - they say the acids in other products are stripping away the barrier to your skin, which is in turn helping produce the acne. i haven't used anything else since I started using it and haven't had any problems with new flare ups.

    Before starting this I was washing with an African black soap from Target and using PSF Skincare's 5% BHA. It wasn't really doing a whole lot and I've been using the PSF BHA for a few years now.

    I'd recommend trying Carley's - you get a ton of free samples with the ordre too!
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