How to Retain Moisture in 3C Kinky-Curly Hair

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Hi everyone! :hello2: I'm new to the board and looking for some help/advice.
I BC'd exactly 21 days ago and am really enjoying learning about my hair. I transitioned for just over 9 months beforehand making it about 10 months since my last relaxer. Most of my hiar is curly with the circumference of about a number 2 pencil. But the curls right at the back of my head/nape of my neck are significantly looser than the majority, about 3B size. At the very front of my hairline/the top on my hair, my hair doesn't curl, just kind of waves. I'm having problems with moisture retention. I just can't seem to find a leave in/styling method that leaves all of my hair soft. The 3B curls in the back do seem to retain moisture, as they are soft and smooth to the touch. But the rest of my hair just feels kind of dry. What methods/products do my fellow 3C curlies recommend for retaining moisture in their tightest curls?


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    Maybe try a deep conditioning treatment. And after you put in your leave-in, seal it with some type of oil.
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    Venture into the 4A hair section. Even if you don't have many or any 4A curls, the advice the 4A girls have are great for "our hair type"! I have more 3B hair mixed into my 3C curls than 4A curls, but I find the advice for 4A curls work better for my hair as a whole (as opposed to advice I might find in the 3B section).

    I would advise you to do weekly deep treatments after shampooing. You don't have to buy any special products. Your regular conditioner (just lots of it) will work just as good if you leave it on for a long time (1-3 hours with a plastic cap).

    I'm also a big fan of sealing my hair with oil when it's wet. I love coconut oil and olive oil for sealing. I always oil my hair after I have applied my leave-in conditioner. My hair has improved so much that I no longer need to use gel on a daily basis to tame frizz.

    A lot of curlies like Tresemme Naturals conditioner. It's cheap and it works great! I use it as a conditioner in the shower and as a leave-in.
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