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Hi everyone...

I went to the hairdressers yesterday and after she'd cut my hair she asked if i would like it straightened. because i'm rubbish at doing it myself, i said yes, and i atually really like it. i don't want to get rid of my curls, but am thinkibg it'd be nce to have it straight once in a while.

I have a pair of cheap ceramic straightening irons, though i find them difficult to use and i always end up with lots of kinks. all the hairdresser did was blow dry my hair straight using a normal hair dryer and brush (never would have guessed this would have worked) and its turned out much better.

I was wondering if anyone had any expeirence with the new Babyliss straighten as you dry hairdryer?

I was also looking for some advice on products. I have 3a/b curly hair and i usually use a combination of leave in conditioner, gel and creams. Whats the best things to put on curly hair after washing bvut before straightening and then afrter straightening?

I brushed my hair this morning and it went incredibly static, its calmed down a bit now, but i wouldn't mind getting rid of a bit of the frizz and static and helping ti to stay together. it could also do with a bit mroe shine...

thanks for your help =)

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