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I know it isn't really "dye" but I've been wanting to try it out. My hair has a natural pretty orange hue to it so I don't want to use henna because I'm afraid it'll make my hair red which I don't want. But, I've done a lot of research and have found that Cassia is supposed to have the same conditioning properties as henna does.

I just wanted to know if anyone's tried this and if so how it worked for them.


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    I did cassia once...I honestly didn't notice a huge difference. My hair did feel a teeny bit thicker after I used it, but I only used it once. It was such a pain in the butt I didn't do it again, but if I had the time I think it might be worth keeping up.
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    Ghostposter uses it. She posts on the non-hair forum - I don't know if she posts on the hair forums or not. There was a thread on that forum not to long ago about coloring that discussed cassia a little bit. You may be able to find it through a search. Residual Haunting started it.

    I was going to try it with or instead of henna to cover grays, to get less red results. I only have a few grays, but they are stand-out against my brown hair. On, it warns that using cassia if you have hard water can make hair green or bright red. I was a little worried there - I don't have hard water, but my bathroom water isn't filtered. I also think "golden" is relative - I was afraid the grays would still stand out w/cassia. I opted for indigo instead. I don't want darker hair, exactly, but it sounds more fool-proof than cassia, and takes less time to develop.
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    I just did a cassia /henna mix because I like the slight red I can get. I have used just cassia and it doesn't work as well on it's own as henna.HTH
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