What co-wash should I try next?

I'm just finishing my bottle of VO5 Vanilla Mint Tea Tea Therapy Clarifying Conditioner, (wow, long enough?) & I want to try something else. My routine right now is:

SNTC: - Rinse out

I'm running low on SNTC too but I'm not sure if I want to change that too.
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COwash- Suave Juicy Apple.
Rinse-out- VO5 Passion Fruit Moisture Milks.

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    Check this link
    and the other links the person posted of cg conditioners...
    I personally like Giovanni triple treat conditioner when my scalp is itchy
    But I'm enjoying playing with the different vo5 scents.
    (but be cautious the list is kinda old so double check ingredients before buying
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    I like Nature's Gate conditioners. They are sold in 16 ounce bottles and are about 5-6 bucks each. Best thing? They are natural. The hemp conditioner is a little thick so I have to dilute it some to help with the scrubbing, but it's awesome. I sometimes add avacodo and coconut oil to it to make my own overnight deep treatment conditioner. Giovanni is nice, but you only get about 8-10 ounces and it costs 8-10 bucks. 6 bucks for 16 ounces is more up my alley!
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    I co-wash with the aforementioned. There is at least one thread on this product in the Product Reviews thread. I chose this because I wanted an actual cleansing conditioner, and not just a conditioner that I could co-op for co-washing.
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    I feel like the Suave Daily Clarifying Conditioner does a pretty good job as a cowash. I've been wanting to try the V05 Vanilla Mint Tea one but haven't found it in the store yet... :( I also liked the V05 Kiwi Lime Clarifying Conditioner as a cowash.
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    My favorite co-wash is Suave Naturals Pomegrante. I've used the Coconut too but it has more protein and eventually it over proteined my hair, so I switched back to the pomegrante.
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