instant wash out QOD Max?

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Hi All

I have been looking into BKT and thinking of going ahead with one of the QOD ones... but which one is best?

There's the one you leave on for 3 days, then there's 'qod max white' one that you can wash off after 6hours and now i've seen 'qod maz organiq' that you can wash off after 5 mins!

Can any one advise me which one they have found to be the most effective?
I have thin but wavy, frizzy hair which is v over processed at the mo :(

thanks in advance :D


  • morningstarmorningstar Registered Users Posts: 144 Curl Connoisseur
    Qod is a great as they have many different options. I have used the Qod White with great success. However, the fumes really got to me and I am planning to try the organiq one next time. Alot of people here use the Qod brand - check some of the reviews to see if it will help in your decision. good luck!
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