Surface Smooth and Healthy Protein Smoothing Treatment

It think I found a winner for you wavy girls who straighten your hair every day! I have 2b caucasian hair, and I spend at least half as much time blow drying and styling my hair. It didn't seem to trash my hair, either! Your curls are supposed to revert in 3-6 months depending on how much you wash it. It didn't fume at all like the Brazilian Blowout does, and it's supposed to be safer, too. I heard salons are switching to Surface after all the Brazilian Blowout controversy. I think I'm in love!

Here is what the website says...
"Surface Smooth and Healthy Protein Smoothing Treatment smoothes, manages curls and eradicates frizz, while using organic ingredients like Amaranth protein and Babassu penetrating oil. The Surface Smoothing Treatment, consisting of Surface Protein Cream and a Smoothing Cream and Locking Lotion all of which are free of formaldehyde, alternate aldehydes, sodium hydroxide, formalin, vanillin, parabens and animal protein. Smooth and Healthy Protein Treatment is an in-salon professional treatment only"


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    I had this process done almost 8 months ago and I have 3c hair and I hate it. The process does NOT wash out of your hair as my ends are still very straight. I'm basically having to transition all over again because I'm left with two different textures on my head.

    If you want your curls to come back at all, this is not the treatment to get. If you want your curls to stay away, you are better off saving $200 bucks and getting a chemical relaxer.

    This treatment was expensive and not worth it.
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