Help! Is Natural Frizz Worse Than Relaxer?

This is my first post. I've lurked since started. I've got what I think is 3C hair with low porosity; currently transitioning. It is incredibly frizzy, especially on the crown; I mean very little to no curl definition in some areas. I've tried CG method, tons of conditioner, acv rinse, baking soda conditioner, a few gels, oils, and I just can't get it to not frizz. I've recently started using Ecostyler Olive Oil Gel, and it does okay, but I hate that I have to rely so heavily on gel.

First, I'd like to ask is it possible that my hair is naturally frizzy? Is it possible that all I've read about lack of moisture equaling frizz doesn't apply to my hair.

Second, please convince me not to relax. I hate having relaxed hair, but the benefit of low maintenance and no frizz hair is really calling to me.

Ramble over. Thanks.


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    Well, if you are low porosity, you may also be protein sensitive, so if you are using something like eco styler (it contains wheat protein high on the list) on a daily basis this can mess with your moisture-protein balance and contribute to the frizz. Furthermore, ACV rinses aren't going to really help you with low porosity, b/c it helps close the cuticle and low p. folks already have a pretty tight cuticle.

    But at the same time, yes, natural hair can be naturally frizzy. I always seem to get a bit of frizz on the top of my head but I've stopped caring.

    As far as convincing you not to relax...I don't think that's anyone's place here. It's your hair, if you don't like how it's acting and think that relaxing it will solve your issue, by all means, have at it...
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    i had the same problem its been reduced ALOT since going cg

    wheat protein i read is also a humectant being low porosity as well i have had no problem with it

    have you tried steaming to get moisture deeper into the hair shaft

    theres nothing wrong with gel if it works for you i dont see a problem

    the woman that started the cg routine uses ALOT of clear gel as she says it moisturizes hair
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    Yes of course it's possible to be naturally frizzy - that's what gel is for, to get all that to hang together instead of poofing hair feels GREAT now, and tangles less, and looks really good and not very frizzy when styled with a whole lotta gel; but if I just let it dry without plenty of conditioner and gel in it, it looks more like a tumbleweed, or the puffball of death.

    Don't worry about that! If it feels good, and looks good when you style it with product, that is a good enough outcome IMO.

    And yes, if you think you'd be happier with it relaxed, no big deal - it's your hair, and it will grow back in if you don't like it.
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    Don't forget to moisturize your hair before applying gel. If your hair is really frizzy, you probably should leave in some rinse-out conditioner and then apply gel. Do this when hair is soaking wet. It may be trial and error to find the right products that work.

    It is possible to have hair that is mostly frizz with little curl definition, but if you're in the 3 or 4a range, it probably means that you're not applying products correctly, using the wrong products, not retaining enough moisture, etc. However, most curlies, no matter the curl size, do have some frizz, even when curls are mostly defined. It is just part of having curly hair.

    If you hate your hair relaxed, then don't relax it. If you want more predictable hair, learn how to roller set or you can go the damaging route and blow-dry hair straight and then use a curling iron or hot rollers to give it some body. If you go that route with the blow dryer/flat iron, then do it no more than every four days.

    Most times, it takes a few months, sometimes even years, to find a routine that works for you. So don't give up so easily. If you need to straighten until you find a comfort zone, then do what you need to do. Hair does grow back.
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