suave = BAD for my hair

SanaxRadianceSanaxRadiance Posts: 95Registered Users
so i just wanted to put a little out here for y'all.
i've been using Suave for my co-washes and rinse outs for about a week and...IT RUINED MY HAIR. this morning i used KCKT to detangle my hair while i combed it out...and omg. SO much of my hair came out. i havent had my hair break like that in...almost a year! and i actually had to cut some off (yeah, it was THAT bad)

and i know it's not because of how i'm using it. i used it the same way i used my organix conditioners, and i finger comb it every night in the shower. but the way it was knotted up/ dried out this morning was just...insane. i am sooooo soo so upset. i actually cried a little while combing it out lol :(

i know a lot of people like Suave, but it just wasn't right for me.
guess i'm going back to spending $8 bucks on conditioners..

but hey, if it keeps my hair pretty, i'm totally okay with spending a little extra.