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I had a woman mention something to me about putting using Shea butter to help with my hair (i have major dryness, thinning, the list goes on) has anyone tried this before? Post your stories about shea butter via skin/hair care.

Also, your regimen that u use, me and hair is like oil and water.


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    I needed to use shea butter for the crazy winter months here in NY, when it was getting crazy cold and I was afraid my hair was losing too much moisture. So when I protective styled my hair I would co wash my hair, detangle, put my leave in in, and then I'd seal with oil, then the shea butter on the ends of my hair. Needless to say my hair retained an awesome amount of moisture.

    As for use on the skin, it works WONDERS; makes everything feel so soft and moisturized.
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    Yes it's amazing. I also put it on the ends of my hair.

    As for skin - put it anywhere you want to look beautiful & glowy.
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