Need Help! Very frustrated!

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Hello, I am new to the boards. I'm hoping someone can help me with my very frustrating Keratin treatment problem.

I got the Juvenix Keratin treatment 3 weeks ago. My stylist used the "curly level" so my hair wouldn't be too straight, I still wanted some wave too it.

Here comes the problem. In the past before the treatment, I could put some curl cream in and let it air dry. Now, if I do that it looks like a stringy mess. My stylist told me to use a drop of the curl cream (I've been using Pureology Curl Creme) and to blow dry with a diffuser. Well, I've been doing that but results aren't consistent. One day it looks flat, stringy and frizzy, but then the day after that it looks fine. I'm having to put my hair back in a ponytail most days, and I'm frustrated that I wasted all that $$ on this treatment!

I'm thinking it is the product I'm using. I have also tried styling serum (Paul Mitchell super skiny and It's a 10) and serum makes it look worse!

Does anyone have any recommendations, I'm about to shave my head, lol!!


  • AphroDivaAphroDiva Registered Users Posts: 183
    Try Noodle Head, by Beyond the Zone. You can get it at Sally's. It gives my daughter gogeous curls. If I use it it gives me shinny and gorgeous "beach waves"..we both have BKT (not the same brand you had)
    Anyway, as time passes your curls/waves will get a bit more defined.

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