Kreatin treatment as a frizz smoother?

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Hi girls!

I stumbled across this article Keratin Treatment No. 4 | , where Michelle has gotten a kreatin treatment - not to get straight hair, but to get more defined and no-frizz curls!

Has anyone tried this? And can you do this at home with products from the drug store or the internet?

I'm SO tired of my hair, due to hair dying and use of sulfate shampoos my hair is now one big frizz-ball especially on the crown! When I stick my hand in there it feels like sheep wool :sad7: And since I like to have actual curls again, I was wondering if this might be the solution?


  • VynkaVynka Registered Users Posts: 2
    Oh btw, I'm a type 3C - probably 4A on the crown...

    So it's not my picture on my profile =)
  • DimePiece17DimePiece17 Registered Users Posts: 521
    Yes. Most of us diyers on this forum get the treatment to smooth frizz, not straighten our hair. Qod max purchased from reputable sellers on eBay or is the preferred brand on this forum. I haven't found that it lasts long enough for me so i'm trying Marcia tiexera chocolate brand tomorrow. I bought a 4 ounce bottle online at beautymart.
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