My Devachan visit

Hey gang,

I know how some folks like hearing about Devachan experiences, so here's my latest (12/20 - no pics yet as my hair is still recovering from the massive product use there):

First of all, I missed my train there so I had to take the next one and then cab it downtown. Grrr. But I got there and Ana was her usual lovely self. She just took some bulk and inner hair out (her words - inner hair) and left my length so it'll just grow nicely. I love how she so obviously loves her work - she always takes such care in really looking at my face and how the hair is falling and is meticulous in checking every possible angle.

Sent me off to get "washed" and when her assistant was styling, he used almost no product. I was a little wary, but as always, just going with the flow. When Ana came by and checked me, she said "This isn't what your hair usually looks like." and re-did the styling herself. Which was incredibly impressive.

My hair looked great, great curl formation, but it was done almost entirely with One Condition. So my hair felt really really stiff-ish and product-y. So I know the cut is great, I just have to wait for my hair to recover from the product overload (it's doing that over-conditioned fluffy skinny curls, no clumping thing). Then I'll take some pics.

So, as always, great cut, looked great, but funky product use. But I was told that I'm doing something right because my hair was properly hydrated!!

Just a head's up too - price went up since last I was there in May. Ana cuts are now $115. Yikes. But I only go once every 7 months, which is ample time to save my pennies!


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    I'm jellis! Sounds like another happy experience. :) I can't wait to see those pics, hair-twin.
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    sounds fab - one day I will make it to New York and go there myself - might have to grow my hair again first though!!
    Look forward to seeing photos.
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    Thanks for sharing! I always love hearing about going there. So glad you had another great experience!! Let us know when you get those pics :)
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    Looking to try Devacurl Decadence line next! Can't wait to try it.
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    Congrats on the great cut, I hope your hair is over the product soon so we can see!
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    glad you had such a great experience. I love Ana's hair too and i think i will ask carlos to see if we can get mine looking more like that. it is getting long now and sometimes goes flat on top despite my plopping and pineappling. i might need more layers--it is just looking a little ratty and not fabulous. is Ana's hair still long and magnificent?? looking forward to your hair pics
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