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I used Giovanni Direct Leave-In for almost a month, about a nickel size just after shower and plop all night. Hair's still damp in the am. LOVE what it does for my hair.
Problem is GDLI makes me itch almost as bad as Suave condishes. So I decided to head to my Natural Grocers and see what they had.
I picked up Aubrey Organics Jojoba & Aloe Desert Herb condish. Extra thick stuff so mixed it 2Tbsp condish to 1Tbsp water. Oooh do I like it! It smells awesome, more like honeysuckle than the honeysuckle rose does (which only smelled like funky rose to me). It doesn't seem too heavy so far but time will tell.
It's a good thing I only use a little, that had to be the most expensive AO I saw at $15.89 for 11oz.
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Mix of 2s med-low porosity, med-fine texture, lots of hair

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