Pixie Cut, Please?

wordweaver96wordweaver96 Posts: 1Registered Users
Hi! I'm a fairly short teen, with somewhere between a heart - and square - shaped face. My curls are somewhere between a high 2c, to a mild 3a. My hair is usually in loose curls at the bottom, inner layer, and slightly tighter curls on the outside. It's a litte frizz prone, but proabably not any more than the average person. lI really like Emma Watson's new short pixie cut.( Here's the link: Emma Watson’s Big Chop | NaturallyCurly.com )
I wondered if anybody thought this hair would work, given my hair type and physique. I would probably Ir dry it. I might blowdry it if it looked better that way, because short hair would be easy to dry. What do you think? I can't wait out find out!


  • Sydney23Sydney23 Posts: 25Registered Users
    Hun if that is what you want to do go for it!!! If your confident about the style I'm sure it will look great on you! :))
    • 1 more month until I hit the half a year mark :). My second transition... I will complete it this time!:pirate:
    • Long-term transitioning..(estimated..24 months):toothy5:


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