Qhemet's amla and olive heavy cream review

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I recently had an opportunity to try out the aohc via qhem's face book giveaway after eye balling it for years. It's worth all the hype and so much more. First and foremost I love the consistency and feel of the product. I loved it even more after the way it performed on my hair. On semi- wet hair it seemed like it moisturized, but tangled my hair so I added a lighter leave- in(my glycerin/aohsr mix) and the problem went away. I twisted my hair and let me just say when I took it out for a twist-out my hair was so soft, smooth, and it lasted for the whole day! Usually my moisturizers only work for a few hours. I'm so excited to have finally found a product for lasting moisture after one year of being natural!I can't wait to try out her other products.
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    Would you put this in the Readers' Product Review section as well? I cannot remember seeing any Qhemet reviews there.This one might get it started.
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