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I was thinking about dying my tips with koolaid since it's cheap and temporary. Since my hair is so dark, I was thinking red (cherry).
Have you ever dyed your hair using koolaid?
How long does it last?
The recipe (found here Homemade Temporary Hair Color for Kids | eHow.com) says to mix 1/4 a cup of conditionar with the koolaid, but it doesn't say how long to leave it in.. How long do you think I should leave it in?
Does your coolered hair have the same texture as your normal hair?

Thanks for the help. :)


  • anniemaeanniemae Posts: 1,702Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I've never tried Kool Aid for coloring, but I once read that you can use Kool Aid to eliminate brassiness on dyed hair.

    **** To answer your question about coloring hair - yes, it has changed my hair texture. I have salon-colored my hair for 20 years, and it is actually thicker now that I color it. It can get dry, but I make sure I use conditioner daily, and I deep condition it regularly, so it stays pretty soft and healthy.
    Hair Type - wavy/curly, fine texture, thin/medium density

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