Ladies who tangle, should we fear a smaller toothed comb? (Curious about MasonPearson

I have always been conditioned to use a wide toothed comb. But I get tangles in the shower, and I was researching combs. I see that Mason Pearson has a detangling comb, but the teeth are so skinny and close together.


I'll probably end up getting the Swissco Tortoise Wet Comb.
Mostly relaxed, yet still curly hair, which I am going to try to grow out with daily conditioner rinses and a shampoo once or twice a week.

Officially Transitioning since March 2011.
Last Relaxer September 2010

Got some kind of curly bangs going here! And I think my bangs are all natural!

I think that my natural hair is somewhere between a 3b and a 3c, I hope it's not too soon to tell! :blob4: