Spiral Curls Creme

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Tell me more about the Spiral Curls Creme, pleeeeeeeeease! :lol:

The description mentions a "medium/strong hold." True? Or do you actually need another hold product? :?

Is it good for long hair? (Mine is chest-length.)

What's the scent smell like?
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    The first time I used the Spiral Curls Cream, I didn't care for it and swapped it away. I tried it again and now I love it! It's what I used in my avatar along with a little Curly Q Custard to touch up the ends.

    For me, the SCC has plenty of hold and I don't use anything else with it except that I use it over the Curls Quenched Moisturizer.

    Some people don't like the smell of the SCC, but I love it. It smells like raspberry candy to me. Some people liken it to cherry candy. It's like the other Curls stuff - you get whiffs of it during the day so you better like the scent :lol: .

    You can get samples of the Curls products at Sista's Place. Enough for a few applications and inexpensive!
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    It smells like watermelon bubble gum to me
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    Delma wrote:
    It smells like watermelon bubble gum to me

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    I was gonna post everything that Lavender just said, but she beat me to the punch. I PM'd her about the same thing because I'm trying to simplify my routine. finally has it in stock, so you better order now!!

    Merry Christmas, y'all! :)
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    It smells like Eau de Cherry Lifesaver to me, and if Curls decided to change it to their signature scent, I would do the happy dance. I use it to style just washed/co-washed hair, over a leave-in. It has decent hold. I don't use anything else.
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