okay, i'm truly CGing, but as soon as i wash my hair tonight, i'll try and stick with it [i haven't been washing it since i wanted to keep it straight]. well, no matter WHAT i do, it seems to always end up a poofy, dry, frizzy mess at the end of the day. here's my routine;;

-condish in shower and detangle
-comb hair back so i have no part
-wash face
-work aussie frizz tamer + leave in conditioner
-part hair with wide tooth comb
-work herbal esscences volumizing gel in
-scrunch it
-blow dry it
-let the rest air dry

i'd like to hear your routines and look for improvments in my own. thanks!

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    I'm not really CG...I tried it and it didn't work for me....but I still only shampoo about once every three days or so.

    -wet in shower, (use baby shampoo on the roots only every three days), smooth conditioner on canopy, underneath, and on ends
    -comb hair with fingers (or a comb if it's really tangled)
    -leave ALL the conditioner in my hair
    -scrunch a lot of the water out with towel
    -apply light layers of gel to the canopy and underside of my hair, scrunch more gel on the ends
    -scrunch more with towel (not with fingers; it causes frizz)
    -let air dry (or diffuse if I'm going somewhere where I can't have wet hair soon

    I typically use any random V05 conditioner and LA looks blue gel, but my products change a hair adapts to almost anything...oh, and if I decide to change things up and use mousse instead, I use the Tresemme Curl's the only one that has enough hold for me.
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