I Don't Want New and Improved!

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I've noticed a trend that when some hair companies change the formulation of a hair product, it no longer works for my hair. When I have called or emailed the companies, the response is, 'this formulation is more moisturizing and that's what the customer wants'. When I do research on that "new and improved" product, I read complaints!

I no longer want "new and improved" hair products if it means that those products no longer work. I'm happy to stay with the "old and lousy" formulation that does work.
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    I'm right there with you. 99% of the time the new and improved is not! Don't fix what ain't broke! (Is that the saying? :laughing6:)
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    My other issue is oh we've got this great product lets discontinue it... I have a few choice words for that but I don't think they'll let me say it on