Jessicurl success!

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Well, I've tried the RR/CC together for two days now, and at first I thought it wasn't going to give me good curl enhancement. I didn't use enough of it I thought so today I used more and plopped, clipped and diffused. Even when I was diffusing today I thought it wasn't doing as well as the HETT did but then I sat up a bit and looked into the mirror doing a side and WOW....Were those RINGLETS in there??!?! Sure enough, not so much through the canopy where I have the most damage from highlights (only did the highlights thru there) but through the rest of it I'm getting some ringlet action which would bump me up to....gasp.....2C in fia's hairtyping! I'm flabbergasted! Obviously the longer I do this the better/easier it's going to get! So I'm going to invest in full sizes of the whole rich line eventually, but I'll definately start off with RR/CC and at least the TS. ;)

eta not changing my classification until I see for sure that my hair is getting curlier on a regular basis.
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    Woohoo! I'm glad you found something that works!
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    I had the exact same results with JC products. I got the sample pack and tried the whole thing. I used the AIS on second day hair and it looked like I had styled my hair that day. Ringlets IM so amazed I was sort of thinking my hair was a little to curly. I had curls all the way to the roots which I have never had before.

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