Roots feel dry and don't curl like the rest of my hair

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Hi Ladies,

My hair from the roots and about 2 inches in feel extremely dry. The hair isn't really curly until after the 2 inch point. The rest of my hair doesn't feel dry either. Has anyone ever experienced this? I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or how I can fix this :confused1:. It's really strange. My ends are curly. The roots feel rough. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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    Do you cowash? Adding that extra moisture closer to the scalp may help.
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  • KinkycoilylileeKinkycoilylilee Posts: 26Registered Users
    I actually just started co-washing. I've always washed with HH shampoo then condition with HH Conditioner or Totally Twisted and then Deep condition with Pantene Replenishing mask.

    Right now I wash with Treseme Naturals, then detangle with HH Conditioner or TT and deep condition with the Pantene Replenishing mask (the beautiful lengths version). I don't like this version of the replenishing mask much. It doesn't make my hair feel as moisturized as the original replenishing mask. I just have a feeling I'm washing my hair with the wrong products.
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    I have the same issue...

    I have fine thin 4a hair with low Porosity.

    It doesn't really matter what I co wash with, shampoo, or DC with. The results of my puffy afro roots are the same. But a great DC will at least give me soft roots, not dry, and easy to manage. I use KBB Luscious Locks and CJ Hibiscus and Banana Deep Fix twice a week.

    What I have to do it plat my hair. I think LexiWithTheCurls does it a lot in her videos. To me it's like cornrolling my hair just for some twist outs to look good.

    I've tried good ole regular twisting and the shingling method and NOPE still puffy roots. The plat method is the only thing that worked for me.

    Then her comes the good part... The products, tee hee. I get better results with QB Amala and Olive Heavy Cream on my roots to plat with. Sometime I can use a cheap styler like eco styler but thats for one day hair with me, I get the flakes after that. I've gotten nice results so far from Komaza Care Califa Cream leave in, I'm still trying this out, I've had it for a week now and I love it.

    Ok results with Beauti-Curls from CJ, hate Knot Today on my roots. Miss Jessie anything will puff out if I go out, lol. Oyin Whipped pudding gave me ok results but need oil and water with it on my roots. Wow the list goes on and on for me and my roots and products.

    Oh and I did get great results with Darcy's Acovado twisting cream and a Bantu Not out.

    I just place a large product haul so I'm waiting for stuff to come in and hoepfully I can find something to help this very problem that we are having.

    I know I don't do YT demo's, only reviews, but I will try and start doing some demos since having hair like mine is rare and different to work with than most.
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    Thank you so much! I'm going to try some of these styles. I did the cornrow twist and when I took it out it did curl my roots but my hair was so tangled. I think it's because I did keep combing out the ends as I went along. How do you keep you style after you've Bantu knot or plat your hair at night?
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    I know this is an old thread but did you find a solution to dry roots? Anyone? 
  • BlessingNaturalBlessingNatural Posts: 69Registered Users Curl Novice
    Did u straighten it with heat or having it bleach/dye? 

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