What exactly is a triangle head look?

How do you avoid it? Does anyone have a picture of it?


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    layers and styling products. Rosanne Rosannadanna.

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    Great minds think alike. though a bit exaggerated, Rosanne Rosannadanna is exactly what came to my mind.
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    Yes good example but I wonder if I have a less exaggerated version. I gave up on clips but I do have layers but the top does seem to dry flatter in spots. It looks a bit 70s when it dries on top like Farrah's and the rest is kind of curly. I just got tired of twirling and it looked so unnatural when I did and the clips always left flat patches.

    Maybe I just need a Devasun Dryer and I can be rid of my semi triangle look?
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    Coolone, the right cut can get rid of Triangle Head. Very often the problem is a cut that's too blunt on the ends. Long layers can fix that.