Does this sound protein sensitive?

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Well i think I'm protein sensitive, but im not sure, and if I am how can I fix it? (Little long, sorry)

I used the tressemee naturals cone free conditioner from when it first came out in my area to January. My hair was a little frizzy but I was having no luck with other products so I kept it. So about October my hair started really deteriorating. It felt rough and was unruly. I would wear it to school curly and pull it up by noon. Sometimes I would keep it up all day because it would frizz and my curls looked completly lifeless.

I finally switched to Suave naturals, the lavendar conditioner (Im no-poo). So my hair has stayed about the same and it feels straw like and rough, its frizzy, and its lifeless :(.

I don't know what to do! So I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions?

Oh btw, my parents hate buying online. I had tried Jessie Curl after much pursuasion, and my curls absolutly loved it, but I had to stop getting it because it's expensive, and its online. So im kinda limited to products in wal-mart like stores. Or I could make some.

And I'm working on uploading a couple of pictures. The loader keeps failing.

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