HELP.... I'm growing my hair out

XhahaXhaha Registered Users Posts: 80
Ok so whEn my hair is curly it hits about the top of my arm pit I'm trying to grow it out as long as possible and I'll just stop when I like the length. One issue I need tips. I know lots about growing out hair but not curly hair exactly. Any tips at all please comment. Thanks


  • anacos123anacos123 Registered Users Posts: 27
    yep... thats what i want to know too, how to grow my hair out!
    3c/4a hair
    about collar bone or a little above it
    dry and frizzy
    Using Curly Hair Solution
    Going to start the CG Method in a little!
    (Hopefully will work!!):happy3::happy3::happy3:
  • XhahaXhaha Registered Users Posts: 80
    There's a new dove conditioner out that has oil treatment in it so that might be usefulnto keep hair moist
  • Curlyq929Curlyq929 Registered Users Posts: 27
    im growing mine out too :)
    keep your ends conditioned and get them trimmed regularly so the split ends dont get so big that you have to cut off more than you grow. eating protein can help boost hair growth. dont brush your hair or pull at it or anything that could cause ends to break. good luck :)
  • XhahaXhaha Registered Users Posts: 80
    Thanks I've also heard that if u very updos and wearing ur hair down it helps when it is up it helps prevent breakage and when it is down it's not pulling or tugging
  • hellomirandahellomiranda Registered Users Posts: 8
    Biotin! Its a vitamin that you take through out the day to make your nails -and most importantly- HAIR grow stronger and much faster. :) I bleached my dark hair making it really easy to see the growth.. It grew about an inch a month which is 3x faster than it normally grows, and my nails got super strong so I got over my nail biting habit :)

    I bought 2 bottles at walmart for like $2 each, and I still have some left after 6 months. the tablets are tiny and you can even chew them if you want.

    The down side of it is that you have to take 5 through out the day. (thats what this bottle said to do) I would usually keep a bottle in my purse and take one every time I looked inside of it, along with a mint :p

    Another downside is that it doesnt work for some people for some reason. But its definately worth trying!! It saved my fried hair's life :p

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