Sign The Petition!: Stop Hair Racism!

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Effective January: The Baltimore police Depaartment will be enforcing a new policy against natural hair (specifically dread styles or hair that is not worn straight).

Someone should contact the Baltimore ACLU as 'natural' is a term that can be applied to any hair type.

Conservative and natural are two different things. You can be natural and conservative, but you don't have to have straight hair look conservative, and for those like myself who are hypersensitive to chemicals, and cannot straighten daily as it will cause your hair to fall out, then they cannot wear their hair straight for long periods of time anyway.

And Unless they are making people with naturally, curly or wavy hair straighten their hair also, it is an illegal form of discrimination.

it would be one thing if they said all women have to wear ponytails or buns to maintain a uniformly neat appearance, which is reasonable possible with some length and those with shorter hair, would simply have to grow thei hair longer to conform, but to imply that hair that is not straight is not uniform worthy in itself is discriminatory as everyone cannot straighten their hair, whether for medical or personal issues. And hair does not have to be straight to appear neat or attractive. That's like saying if you don't have straight hair, don't apply. And there are things a person can do to achieve a more conservative look without straightening their hair or cutting off their locks.

Which is why we're asking everyone to sign the petition. And If there are any legal professionals with advice, i'm sure they'd love to hear from you!

Not to mention the fact that regardless of race or ethnicity, the majority of people in the world today do not have naturally straight hair.

As this site and others like it have helped men and women embrace and care for their hair, it's something we need to address as a board community.

The petition can be found online at:
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