Fuzzy curls!

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I have thease i guess fuzzy curls. i have lots of curls and it is not exactly frizzy they are just not very defined i guess. Does anybody have any tips or tricks i could try to stop the fuzz???:pale:


  • hanna69curlhanna69curl Posts: 12Registered Users
    I think you need more mouisture in your hair, It helps keeps your hair healthy and defines your curls too.
    So like, Deep conditioning once or twice a week will be great.

    Anyway, when you get out of the shower, (if you like to brush your hair when its wet or no.. optional) But just shape your hair.. so like take some strands of your hair and twist them .. shape them on your finger....
    And then add some gel.This helps keep your hair in place and holds the shape.
  • XhahaXhaha Posts: 80Registered Users
    K thanks I'll try this!!!!! How big should the strands be that I wrap around!?
  • littleirishcurlylittleirishcurly Posts: 38Registered Users
    Xhaha wrote: »
    K thanks I'll try this!!!!! How big should the strands be that I wrap around!?

    I think it really depends on how big you want the curls. Another good way to define your curls is using Ouidad's rake and shake method.

    This was the only vid I could find. You don't really have to use the climate control gel, I use garnier fructis curl defining gel. It works really well :)
  • XhahaXhaha Posts: 80Registered Users
    Thanks I'll try this!

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