ANTM 16-Spoilers? Maybe...

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I am currently watching the first episode and that runway show? Really? This thing get crazier and crazier.

Jacylyn and that voice.....LOVE IT!!!! Adorable! "Yes, ma'am."

I love the plus sized model.....weren't there rules about never having any professional modelling experience? What is with this "fiercely real" foolishness?

Alexandria rubs me the wrong way.... argh!

Also, I love that there are a couple curlies/wavies in this season! :toothy2:

How is Andre going to tell someone to retire an accessory when he has that brush flopping around on his head?
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    Yeah that runway was just redonkulous. I don't see why they couldn't have a wider runway without ruining the effect. So silly.

    Fiercely Real is Tyra's way of saying plus-sized. I think she's trying to take out the negative connotations and recognize that models are generally crazy thin but that plus sized models generally aren't really plus sized girls, just plus for model sizes.

    I don't really remember many of the girls other than Jaclyn. I hope they don't totally mess up her hair during make-over week.
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    Not sure if I am watching the first episode but Tyra's introduction of typical contestants just about killed me. Especially the goth model - hilarious!
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    The thread about Women with breasts giving off vibes is totally backed up by the Js' response to Monique, the slim Woman with T and A. They said that she was too sexy. T and A= "too sexy". Wow. Depressing.
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  • anonymous_59737anonymous_59737 Posts: 485Registered Users
    Goth model:

    I'm not cookie-cutter.

    I cut the cookies.

    And I'll cut you.



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    Loved the runway. So ridiculous. They looked like they were in glittery hamster balls.

    I dislike the girl with the baby voice. She sounds so fake.
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