Well - I think I've got it figured out - problems with PH

Okay three weeks now - and my hair right now is totally fried. I just wanted to post this real quick. I had a water strip tester left over from checking our pond last year - and tested our water. Our alkaline and PH levels are off the chart. Also, the products I have been trying to use - they are alkaline also. Lactic acid in conditioner? I don't think it's a good idea for me anyway. Every single last product I have been using is alkaline. EVOO - Very much so, many oils too. The most PH balanced oils are vegetable and canola. But if it's working for you - that is wonderful.

Anyway, I am going to try Kenra Moisturizing Condition as my co-wash- which is supposed to be PH balanced, and also add vinegar to my water. Some of my products, they are going back to the store. If you are having problems too - it might be a good idea to go to the pet store and get some test strips to test your water - and look into your products for what you might need to counter-act your water. Probably your water is fine. We live in lime country - our county has the biggest lime plant around. I think this is what is causing my frizziness and dryness - just fyi if anyone else has hard water -

PS - I don't have time to change my siggie right now - but from the research I did - I don't think what I was going to try as a co-wash is PH balanced (at all)


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    Pardon my butting in of science-ness but.. Alkalinity is the opposite of acidity...aka alkalinity is the measure of basic-ness.

    1. Lactic acid is an acid, not a base.

    2. Oils cannot be measured via pH because pH is a measure of the hydrogen atoms in AQUEOUS (water) solution. Since oils do not dissolve in water, the pH scale does not apply. Therefore, EVOO, Veg O, Canola O, etc do NOT have a pH.
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