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I've actually gotten good results with Jessicurl Rockin' Ringlets and Confident Coils lately! I know! I am truly shocked! Some of you may remember me saying a while back how it didn't work for me since it dried me out...well, that was only a half truth. It *did* work for me, but yes, it did also dry me out and lead to frizz, so I stopped using it, and even attempted to swap it for something else. So...since I had my little bottles just sitting with my hair stuff, gathering dust, and with my Body Shop Cottonseed Curl Boost dwindling down to it's last vestiges, I decided to try an experiment.

See, I recently had a look at some of my pictures, and I spotted some that I had used the JC products in, but with some of the CCB under, I noted I hadn't been as bad as when I'd used them alone, so...

I tried them again, sans CCB, but with conditioner mixed in to the RR instead (this also helped the smell, since the unscented version is blech!). That seems to have done the trick folks! It's a shame I am nearly out of my little trial sizes now that I have found success with the last little bits. I got success with this on more than one occasion, btw.

I won't say I didn't have any frizz, but it was minimal. I had better luck when I washed at night and sleept out the crunch; I think that doing my hair at night is my preferred method, actually. It did dry up a bit after a day or two...but it was kind of a volume frizz, and I was in a few different climates, including hot and humid Florida...ha ha ha. It wasn't horrible. Or maybe it was because I was on vacation I didn't care so much. :P

I did take pics on more than one occasion, so once I offload them from my camera, I'll update this thread if any came out decent.

But yeah...Jessicurl...who'd've known I could use it after all? I wonder if this would work with the products that have glycerin in them that dry me out like the mag sulf does. Might have to try it and check the swap boards now. I think Jessicurl is a regular over there. Maybe they just haven't figured out my secret trick. :)

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    I tried JC rockin' ringlet a couple years ago and never had any success. Glad you found a trick to using it. I finally gave it away, couldn't sell it on the swapboards either.
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