What is wrong with our society...

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I just need to vent. Several News reports have got me angry lately.

The new elitism of internships | Ross Perlin | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

The Tory Government auctioning of internships, to privileged Tory donors for their children.

The Government now expecting graduates to do internships for free because there aren't any jobs for them. Some of the worst treated interns were working for, you guessed it, MPs. I believe its actually illegal to not pay the minimum wage for an internship but everywhere I look on job sites all I see is 'voluntary' positions/internships that if you're lucky, will give you £5 a day. That won't even buy you a one way train ticket to London where most of these companies are based.

A degree in slavery: The highly-educated graduates forced to work for nothing | Mail Online

Bankers receiving millions pounds bonuses despite the fact that banks have lost billions of pounds and the tax payer had to dig them out for it.

These are just a few. I just feel we have gone very wrong somewhere. Im bitterly disappointed in the government.


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    The bigger issue here is that everyone is EXPECTED to get, at the very least, a bachelor degree. This has created an over-saturation of degreed 20somethings in the marketplace with tremendous student loans and not enough jobs to satisfy them. Not all jobs require degrees. It's a flawed system in many more ways than just not having paid internships.
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    ^ Very true. This is just one issue that has annoyed me greatly. Young adults expected to work for nothing, relying on their parents, because the previous generation effed up royally.

    Students now who choose to go into work rather than go for a degree don't fare much better either.
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    you're screwed either way. you spend atleast 4 years getting a degree, you end up w/ debt into the 10's of thousands, and if you lucky at least an entry level just above minimum wage job. you skip college and opt for work, you snuck at jobs that dont require a degree adn your chances of any types of promotions is in direct correlation to how many degres you got! i have a job where a bachelors degree is required, but you don't need a degree to do this.

    a friend of mine's dad works at nasa. he got the job a hundred years ago, so all he has is an associates. any new people need a bachelors and to do his work at least working towards their masters. i still cant get my brain around it.

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