Straight and Curly hair at the same time! What now?

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Hey Curly People =),

My hair is kinda weird.. It's straight and curly at the same time. My hair is curly at the ends, sides and a bit in the back, but from my ears up (I think) it's totally straight.. I love my curls, and I was wondering, is there any way to get the straight part curly without using a curling iron everyday?

xx Leona


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    You probably have 2a hair. Your not a 3a or 2b I'm guessing
    Look at the curl types and on the 2s board I don't kno how curly ur hair actually is so CG might not work. Is your hair thin?
    3a CG
    Cleanser: shea moisture's african black soap cleanser or moisture retention shampoo
    Conditioner: tresemme naturals, shea moisture restorative conditioner
    Syler: shea moisture's curl soufflé and smoothie.
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    please do not use heat on ur hair! here is a tip! when you get out of a shower put whatever product in your hair ( if you need recogmendations go to my posts) and then grap about half inch sections and twist them do that to all your hair it might look a little strange at first but trust me it is worth it!!!!!! then let your hair air dry compleatly! also if ur hair is medium to long in length if you get short layers that might help!