SHould I chop off my hair or no?

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I straightened my hair for 3 days straight last month for a special occasion. But now I have horrible split ends and my hair is breaking. MY mom says to grow it out but I feel I should cut it and start all over. I prefer not to cut my hair but if their is no other solution I will. My hair is bsl and i was thinking cutting it up to my jawline.
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    I think you could cut it off only if you are really interested in having that shorter length. Otherwise, you could get an inch or two cut off and that would seriously help repair your hair. Then go for more regular trims than you would normally do, or get a little more taken off than usual at each trim. When my hair was in terrible shape after not having a professional cut for a few years, I finally found a curl hair stylist who I trusted and she told me I could either chop it all off at once or come for trims every 8 weeks and it would be restored to healthy in about 6 months. I did the gradual method and it worked!
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    Maybe compromise with yourself, to see if cutting is really the solution? Try a trim up to about APL or shoulder-length first. ("Trim", she says--more like whacking off a few inches...) Going BSL to jawline is a real shock to the system. I only did it after a solid ten years of not knowing my own hair colour, and that took some planning. (Dyed it close to what I suspected was my natural brown, then grew it for half a year, then whacked it off around the chin, then had a pixie cut to get rid of the rest of the old stuff. Whew!)
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