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ok, so I am new here and loving this site. I've been wearing my hair curly for a long time as don't have the patience to straighten it and it never comes out the way I like anyway (unless someone does it for me). I'd say my hair is 2c with some 3a underneath and in back, but 2c around the top and front. I actually think my hair used to be curlier, but I think I lost some of the curliness and volume after having kids. Anyhow the past couple of weeks, my hair has gotten some major frizz in the back and felt almost straw like. The frizz in the back, you can see the curl pattern in the strands seems to be some of my curlier hair, but the frizzy strands are practically standing up on the back of my head. I have tossed all my hair products (was using pantene and some loreal sulfate free creme and the problem seemed to start with these). I've always had some frizz but never this much in back. I got a Curl Junkie sample set and have used a couple of the conditioners. My hair definitely feels more normal and softer, but that one spot on the back of my head won't go away, even after putting in a leave conditioner and gel. This morning I deep conditioned with one of the CJ conditioners, put in some leave in and an all natural gel, blow dryed slightly on cool with a diffuser for some volume, and my hair is now up in a ponytail due to the frizz.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. I would love to have beautiful frizz free curls!


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    Welcome to! We're so glad you've joined our community. The site is packed with lots of great info; we invite you to poke around.

    Here's a section of information about reducing frizz. Please enjoy!

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    You are beautiful!