Differences and uses of sealants and moisturizers?

First of all I want to thank you for this wonderful forum that has already before I joined you completely changed the way I treat my hair! Now let's see what happens as I finally stopped lurking and joined you :)

There's one thing especially in which I would welcome and appreciate all possible guidance: how to combine the use of moisturizers and sealants in every day care of curly hair?

After all that I've read I think I have it clear now, that after washing one should first moisturize (with a LI, FSG or AVG for example) and then seal (with shea butter or some oil for example). I used to wash my hair every other day but as I have learned more about hair care I've recently started washing it less frequently, and during the last couple of weeks I've washed my hair only once or twice a week. So this is when the problem arises: what should I do on all those days in between the washes?

I need to refresh my curls every morning after sleeping and have understood it would be good to use a light moisturizing product, like a spritz. I've tried many and some of them seem to work ok, but I still wonder, how could the spritz ever provide any moisture to my hair, if after washing I have sealed my hair with an oil, which should act as a barrier and keep any outside humidity from entering the hair shaft?

My hair is very dry and I think I really need to add moisture to it also in between washes, so I'm rather worried if the oils I use as sealants are preventing this. I am very confused so if you know how this works, please explain. Thank you in advance!

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