Need advice for transitioning...thanks :)

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Hello fellow transitioners!! I have been transitioning for a while and I have a couple of questions.

1) Sometimes I do "natural hairstyles" (like bantu knots). They always come out GREAT the first day but only last for about 2-3 days. After that they look TERRIBLE plus its almost impossible to comb through. Once i finally comb through it (it takes an hour and a half) i have lost alot of hair. Is this normal? Do you have any advice for me??

2) After becoming discouraged over my natural hairstyle shedding I usually always decide to go back to my hairstylist and get it pressed with a hot comb. Is getting your hair straighted while transitioning a bad idea? I have heard mixed opinions on it.

3) Lately my hair seems like it hasnt been growing. So i have decided to start taking flax seed oil pills because I heard they help with hair growth. Are there any other tips for HEALTHY hair growth?

Thank you so much ladies for your help!! I truly appreciate it :)


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    Hey, welcome to NC. 8)

    Onto your questions . . .

    1. Well the reason you may not make it to 2-3 day hair with the protective styling is probably because you don't use a satin bonnet at night (you didn't mention using one anyway). And shedding does happen when transitioning . . so much that sometimes you may think you're going bald . . but you're not. Have you gotten trims from time to time to begin to rid your hair of the permed ends?

    2.Too much heat on your natural hair can eventually damage your curl pattern, especially if you're doing it excessively without heat protectant. And even with the protectant there's still a chance of damaging your curl pattern.

    3. Your hair may not seem like it's growing because, as you mentioned, you have a lot of shedding . . your hair could be breaking off at the same rate that it's growing. Have you reached a point where you're considering BCing?

    Even taking vitamins to aid in hair growth will be futile if your hair is breaking at the mark of demarcation (where the natural hair and permed hair meet).

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