Knot Today vs. Donna Marie Miracurl Conditioner--who can compare and contrast??

Ha, sorry for all the compare and contrasts post. I hear many people say these are similar. I found a few (maybe like 2) people online who have said they prefer the Donna Marie condish to Knot Today, but info and reviews of her condish are hard to come by cause everyone only seems obsessed with her Curling Gelly.

Anyone clearly prefer one over the other? Can anyone give clear distinctions/comparisons?

Thanks in advance!
Mostly relaxed, yet still curly hair, which I am going to try to grow out with daily conditioner rinses and a shampoo once or twice a week.

Officially Transitioning since March 2011.
Last Relaxer September 2010

Got some kind of curly bangs going here! And I think my bangs are all natural!

I think that my natural hair is somewhere between a 3b and a 3c, I hope it's not too soon to tell! :blob4:

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