i'm SO horrified, i don't know where to begin...

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what is WRONG with the far right wing in the US?

have they lost all sense of perspective?

What not to say about Lara Logan - Media Criticism - Salon.com

is it really, as Maureen Dowd wrote, that the culture of anonymity of the net is creating monsters?


after what happened to Ms. Giffords, i had thought - hoped - that maybe there would be some return to civility in the right wing, but... no....

what more has to happen to make the silent majority roar back at the filth being spewed in the name of scoring political points?
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    I'm revising my response here, now having read the links.

    I'm as aghast as you are about the far right, rouquinne. But I'm a bit confused here.

    I'm not getting the solid right-wing connection you seem to be seeing. I really think this is two only slightly overlapping issues: 1) the ridiculousness of the far right in this country and 2) the anonymity of posting online making people say brutal things.

    Some of the bloggers mentioned were conservative, but I'm not sure all were. Maybe I've got it wrong.
  • wild~hairwild~hair Posts: 9,890Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    n/m, what I originally posted wasn't relevant :error:

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