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Justin Bieber's Hair Hits the Big Time on eBay!

Today 10:30 AM PST by Peter Gicas Warner Bros.
Maybe it doesn't suck to be Justin Bieber's hair, after all.
Sure, it may no longer be part of the most famous mop since, like, anybody, but at least it's comforting to know that fans of the pop star are willing to fork over big bucks for it on behalf of a worthwhile cause.
So, how big is big?
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Well, despite the fact that Ellen DeGeneres—who received some of Bieber's locks from the kid himself on Wednesday—tweeted, "My @Justin Bieber hair has been up on ebay for an hour and it's already at $10,000!," the current bid (as of this writing) is actually just under $7,000.
Which is still an impressive number, and one that will no doubt reach, and maybe even surpass, DeGeneres' slightly inflated figure before the auction comes to an end.
"We want you to donate [the money] to whatever charity you want," Bieber told DeGeneres.
And she's doing just that, with 100 percent of the final sale price going toward The Gentle Bar

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